Sketchfab Overview: The Future of Art Education Online… in 3D! (2016)

In Sketchfab Overviews, our users tell us how Sketchfab has influenced their workflow, development process, and helped their art and/or business as opposed to one specific Sketchfab scene.

Meet The Online Artists Drawing Millions Of YouTube Viewers (2016)

Video may have killed the radio star, but it’s doing wonders for a select group of visual artists using YouTube to build brands and businesses. Though it’s unlikely that anyone in the art instruction category is going to be the next PewDiePie or Markiplier, artists on YouTube are producing high quality programming that’s helping everyone […]

Driven to Draw Podcast 12 – Interview with Stan Prokopenko – From Artist to Entrepreneur (2016)

Often times when I see people on YouTube that I find interesting with a high degree of talent, I wonder what drives them to accomplish so much.  Stan Prokopenko, an artist and entrepreneur, is one of those special guests, that has completely exceeded my expectations on all fronts!  He debunked the “Starving Artist” stereotype and  epitomizes what […]

Cubebrush: Stan Prokopenko (2016)

Tutorials are a big part of Cubebrush and when it comes to anatomy and traditional drawing techniques, Proko‘s definitely got you covered. We wanted to take a moment and get to know the man who runs the show: Stan Prokopenko. Stan is an artist, an art teacher and an entrepreneur – we were lucky to have him answer […]

Watts Podcast – Stan Prokopenko Interview (2012)

On this podcast, Jeff sits down with Stan Prokopenko to discuss life as a fine artist and teacher at the Watts Atelier.