Stan Prokopenko

I was born in Odessa, Ukraine during Chernobyl. This explains a lot. I’ve always enjoyed creating, whether it’s an animation, a website, a painting, a video, a lame joke, a business, or a human 😉

I’m the founder of Proko, home to the funniest and most informative video tutorials about drawing, painting, anatomy, and generally being mostly ok at some stuff…mom says.

Marshall Vandruff and I had one of the leading art podcasts for a few seasons… Draftsmen Podcast

I love my wife and two precious little ones. As well as 2 fur-babies, Wall-E and Eva, 2 fish babies, Princess Fish and Mayor, and 2 snail babies, Governor and Duke. 🙂

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I have hundreds of free and premium drawing and painting lessons available on Proko.com.
My courses include Portrait Drawing, Figure Drawing, and Anatomy of the Human Body for Artists.

Portrait Drawing
Figure Drawing
Anatomy of the
Human Body