Fishing at Torrey Pines

I finally finished this 20″ x 30″ seascape of a fisherman at Torrey Pines Beach. This painting took me much longer than expected, as they usually do.

I was sitting on the beach one morning and this guy arrived… Immediately, I could see it as a painting! I ran to my car, got my camera and did a mini photo-shoot. The final composition was a combination of 3 photos. 1 for the clouds, waves, and fisherman. I ended up starting the painting in the studio that same day. The enthusiasm lasted for a few weeks, and then it became a chore. I can now see better then ever how important it is to complete a painting with a maximum of a few days between each painting session. But of course, life gets in the way and I have to be professional. A client wouldn’t care about me “losing interest”.

So, I stuck with it and here’s the completed piece. Now I’m excited to start the next piece. For my next painting, I will do a walk-through of how I prepare for a larger studio piece, including thumbnails, sketches, value studies, color comps etc… Check back soon.



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