Painting “Don Quixote” – Part 1

Right now I’m working on a painting of Don Quixote in Meadow’s class. Thanks Meadow for making such an amazing costume! This is a 3-session pose, but I missed the first session.  I’ll probably work on it in the studio for another session after the pose is over.

Here are my efforts after the first 3-hour session. I did a liner drawing from a photo before class started, since I missed the first week.

I started with a loose stain/wash using a lot of turpentine. Then I went straight into rendering the face. When I’m doing these multi-week poses, I like to finish areas rather than jumping around the painting. I don’t like having to work over dry paint. So, this week I decided to finish the upper left portion of the face, since that is the focal point. Next week I’ll try to finish the rest of the face and some of the costume. Go to Part 2


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