Stan Prokopenko

Serious Artist

I was born in Ukraine during Chernobyl. This explains the superpowers. I’ve always enjoyed creating, whether it’s a painting, a video, a lame joke, a business, or a human.

I’m currently working on:
Proko — home to the funniest and most informative video tutorials for artists.
Playdust — the first search engine on Solana.
Little Bang — a studio of creatives experimenting with new things. We’re working on a new superhero IP – Very Heroes. Wow. Much Super!

Podcast —  focusing on conversations with builders in art, tech, AI, crypto, NFTs, web3 and other things I’m interested in.

Drawing Painting


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    I have hundreds of free and premium drawing and painting lessons available on
    My courses include Portrait Drawing, Figure Drawing, and Anatomy of the Human Body for Artists.
    Portrait Drawing
    Figure Drawing
    Anatomy of the
    Human Body