2: AI Painting Robots with Pindar Van Arman

Pindar is trying to capture his creative process as code, in the form of a painting AI robot. Not just AI software that generates digital images. I’m talking about a physical robot, that holds a brush, dips it into paint, and creates its’ own painting. He works with robotics and artificial intelligence. He worked on self driving cars back in the early days of the DAARPA Grand Challenge. Recently he’s been experimenting with combining quantum processors and painting. This is an exciting episode!

“All artists are generative artists.” – Pindar

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Time Codes

1:41 – Welcome Pindar
2:42 – Pindar’s robot art origin story
4:18 – DAARPA Grand Challenge
7:05 – The first steps & proof of concept
8:18 – Evolution from printer to AI painting robot
10:04 – How does it work?
12:43 – What is art? What is creativity?
16:35 – Is it for art or business?
20:35 – Capturing the creative process as code
24:09 – Randomness, emotion and algorithms in AI
29:18 – Technical skills and brushmanship in robot painters
35:10 – We have kids…
35:25 – Why quantum processors?
38:33 – Noise, glitches and why they are rad
42:01 – Quantum entanglement? HUH?
49:29 – How capable, creative, and random are quantum processors?
53:08 – Thought experiments, determinism & creativity
57:45 – Should artists worry about AI art? Or embrace it?
1:04:26 – New AI Tools, MidJourney, Disco Diffusion, Dall-E
1:07:49 – What problems should AI solve?
1:09:30 – Will AI end traditional work roles?


DAARPA Grand Challenge
Raster Image
Paul Klee
Jackson Pollock Process
Marvin Minsky
3D Printed Paintings
Quantum Computing
Russel Huffman
Quantum Entanglement
Quantum Mechanics
Double Slit Experiment
Ray Kurzweil
Disco Diffusion


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